Immerse yourself the cutting-edge technology that defines Msheireb Downtown Doha.

Our smart infrastructure boasts a comprehensive network of 430 km of fiber optic cables, ensuring blazing-fast connectivity throughout the city. Seamlessly access Wi-Fi with over 5000 Wi-Fi points dispersed across the downtown area. A vast array of more than 650,000 IoT devices meticulously monitor and control the Smart City Community, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes. A centralized Command and Control room, armed with 10,000 surveillance cameras, vigilantly oversees the downtown’s safety.
From streamlined parking with real-time guidance in 10,000 automated basement spaces to the Integrated Command and Control Centre driven by the ICCC platform and data analytics, our commitment to efficiency and security shines. Offering more than just convenience, we provide four EV charging stations, 8000 smart meters for utility monitoring, and a Tier-2 data center, guaranteeing data security.

Welcome to the future of innovation, connectivity, and sustainability at Msheireb Downtown Doha.