Msheireb Properties is a smart city since its inception. The city adopts the latest advanced smart services and applications for a new fully digital experience.

The infrastructure is well prepared for the city to be smart, including:

  • 430 km of fibre optic cables, 100% Fibre to the home ready with Telecom / Internet / IPTV and Satellite Media services.
  • Full coverage public WIFI internet across the campus with 5000+ Wi-Fi Access points network.
  • More than 650,000 IOT devices for controlling & proactive monitoring of operation of Smart City Community Campus, Smart buildings and Smart Homes.
  • 10,000 cameras for monitoring of security and safety for the campus from Centralized Command and Control room.
  • 10,000 basement car parking with automation of Entry & Exit, parking guidance with utilized and vacant positions status.
  • Integrated Command and Control Center with ICCC platform & data analytics
  • 3 Secondary control rooms for monitoring security and facility operation
  • Smart Access infrastructure for every building, parking and homes with centralized control and support.
  • 4 EV charging stations for electric cars.
  • 8000 smart metres for electricity, water, gas, and cold water (air conditioning) utility consumption
  • Tier-2 on-premises datacentre for keeping the data safe and secured with 100% redundancy.

Smart systems to monitor, analyse and maintain:

  • Smart systems to respond to emergency with analytics and proactive alert.
  • Smart systems for building facility management
  • Smart control of outdoor lightening
  • Smart Waste collection system with automatic segregation of waste
  • Smart footfall counting system.
  • Smart Access Management system
  • Smart Energy Management system
  • Smart Home system for controlling lights, air conditioning and access.

Smart Applications to support:

  • Sales and leasing services
  • Asset and facility management
  • Customers relations & Visitor Management
  • A 3D data analysis system
  • Monitoring of water and electricity consumption
  • Data analysis for proactive and future planning for City maintenance
  • Air quality monitoring

Smart services:

  • Lifestyle and community portal and Mobile App for Services & online payment
  • Car finding facility in Parking Mobile app.
  • Tram timings and stations
  • Digital signage
  • Smart homes Tenants and homeowners can also benefit from a multitude of smart services as their energy consumption is well reduced through a tablet that is connected to a mobile application which eases the way the apartment is controlled. This allows the monitoring of water and electric devices that rely on renewable resources to generate power.

The control and command room collect and analyse data in the data centres on the consumption of energy and water and compare and report on all operations.