Msheireb Downtown Doha captures the hearts of visitors with its authenticity and modernity

04 December, 2022

As the excitement fills up the air of Msheireb Downtown Doha with the launch of World Cup activations, the city has captivated the hearts of tourists and fans from around the world.

Several fans from the region and the world expressed their admiration for the smart and sustainable city and the unique experience it offers them.

Mortada Al-Saffar, a visitor from Saudi Arabia stated, “Msheireb is the beating heart of Doha. I’m impressed by the authentic heritage mixed with modernity in buildings and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful World Cup vibe.”

The city prides itself on connecting the past and present of Qatar while using sustainable technology to represent the future that the nation is going towards. International tourists visiting Msheireb Downtown Doha for the first time are amazed by the unique features of the architecture and its accessibility within the city.

A Brazilian fan, Natasha Barasañan, commented when asked about her experience: “The atmosphere of the city is amazing. You can see and hear people from all over the world everywhere. It’s so beautiful at night with all the lights. We were very impressed by the building designs that reflect the Qatari culture very much. It’s very easy to get around and the directions are very clear. People are enjoying and we are enjoying too much.”

Visiting from Mexico, Heidi Carlos, remarked on the easiness of walking around in the city, as there were a lot of maps and volunteers who are willing to help. The tram is a sustainable approach to transportation within the city and its distinct design captures attention.

Mr Pablo Rodriguez from Argentina commented, “I’ve noticed that Msheireb is a smart city. It is always clean and ready to receive visitors. There’s so much happening in the city, it’s different every day.”

Msheireb Downtown Doha launched World Cup activations and events to greet global fans and tourists into the city to show and educate visitors on Qatari culture and heritage. The events can be found in all areas of the district ranging from exhibitions to cheer zones.

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