New Architectural Language

Msheireb Properties invested three years of intensive research to create a new architectural language that is modern yet inspired by traditional Qatari heritage. The new architectural language embodied in ‘Seven Steps’ gathers traditional aspects of the local architecture with modern trends, so it can be adapted to developments anywhere in the world.

The Seven Steps

Msheireb’s architectural language was developed as a three-year collaboration by some of the world’s leading architects, academics and urban planners. Msheireb Properties defined the core discoveries of this research effort in the ‘Seven Steps’ –a declaration for an entirely new architectural language that will take Qatar’s architectural development into the future.
The Seven Steps integrate the spirit and aesthetics of Qatari architecture with the best that sustainable design and modern technology have to offer. Ultimately, it aims to restore the uniqueness of Qatar’s built environment and the strong social ties that once defined Qatari society.



To achieve continuity between the past, the present and the future by finding timeless motifs and techniques. Respecting time-honoured traditions and applying them in a new way.

Individual & Collective


To achieve harmony and cohesion within the city by promoting diversity, while ensuring that buildings by diverse architects are bound together by a common language.

Space and Form


To reflect the character and informality of the traditional ‘carved city’. Buildings are not objects; they are part of an ‘urban clay’ from which spaces and forms are carved.



To deliver an exceptional living environment; offering privacy and security together with generous indoor and outdoor spaces overlapping. A spirit of family and a sense of community.



To create a lasting setting for vibrant street life. A shaded environment with pedestrian priority. Arcades and frontages are designed to create a comfortable and memorable network of places.

Designing for Climate


To use technology old and new, to achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy use. To create shade, minimise heat gains and harness the natural forces of the sun and wind.

A New language of Architecture


To build on Qatari architectural tradition by using a new language, rich in reference and strong in resonance; flexible, to be spoken in many accents but consistent, to be understood by all.