Msheireb Downtown Doha will have one of the highest concentrations of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified sustainable buildings, making it the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project.

  • With a 32% energy reduction goal, all buildings are targeting LEED Gold certification, with some buildings targeting LEED
  • Streets within Msheireb are oriented to capture cool breezes from the Gulf and shade most pedestrian routes from the hot sun.
    Buildings are massed to shade one another and light coloured to reduce cooling requirements.
  • Abundant solar energy captured through photovoltaic solar panels and solar hot water panels on rooftops will be used to generate
    electricity and heat water within buildings.
  • Installing efficient irrigation systems and planting many native species adapted to survive in dry conditions reduce landscape
    irrigation requirements.
  • A diversity of uses, integration with Doha’s new Metro and a safe and convenient public realm encourage both cycling and walking.
  • Placing of cars and service delivery vehicles underground via several basement levels ensures a pedestrian friendly atmosphere.