06 October, 2022

The Embassy of Italy in Doha in collaboration with Msheireb Museums is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition “Universo Olivetti: Community as a Concrete Utopia” in Doha, where it will be on display from October 6th , 2022 to January 7th, 2023 in the Temporary Gallery of Mohammed Bin Jassim House, Msheireb.

Curated by the Museum of Arts of the XXI century of Rome (MAXXI) and the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, the exhibition features a series of objects and archive materials to illustrate the ethical depth and great modernity of the Italian entrepreneur and visionary, the mind behind of one of the world leading technology companies of the 1900.

Divided into four sections (City and Politics, Factory, Culture and Image, Society), “Universo Olivetti” deals with Olivetti’s vision in all its aspects, dimensions and complexity. Through a gallery of graphics, archival documents, reproductions and photographic reinterpretations, the exhibition shows the pressing relevance of the figure of Adriano Olivetti, as well as the unique and innovative business model created in his city, Ivrea, which has recently been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a “model industrial city of the XX century”.

The exhibition platform will allow the public of Doha, including international fans visiting Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, to access the major themes revolving around Olivetti’s enterprise. From the industrial project to its environment, cultural services, welfare, social responsibility and urban planning, the exhibition draws a model of entrepreneurial action that still today appears, from every point of view, avant-garde and exemplary for future generations.

“We are particularly proud to host “Universo Olivetti” here in Doha” said Ambassador Alessandro Prunas. “The exhibition offers a unique overview on the life and thinking of the visionary entrepreneur Adriano Olivetti, whose message on the social impact of industries is still of great importance nowadays”. “The framework of Msheireb fits perfectly with the main topic of the retrospective, as it is an “ideal city” of its own, whose concept and architecture creates a dialogue with the innovative experiment of the city of Ivrea” he concluded.

Maryam Aljassem, Manager of PR and Communications, Msheireb Properties said: “We are honored to collaborate with the Embassy of Italy in Doha to host this inspiring exhibition at Msheireb Museums. It underlines our shared vision to promote international art in Doha and to highlight the message of social responsibility, which Olivetti upheld. We look forward to more collaborations that will highlight the values of creative arts as well as strengthen respect to the environment and social enterprises.”

The “Mohammed bin Jassim House” Museum is open to public free of charge from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, on Friday from 3.00 PM to 9.00 PM.