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Our business started with the founder of % Arabica; Kenneth Shoji. After finding his love for coffee, he set out on a journey to discover how he could provide an amazing tasting coffee that could be vended around the world. His desire for an amazing cup of coffee every day led to the foundation of % Arabica. In 2014, he opened his first flagship store in the beautiful historic city of Kyoto, Japan. “Our mission is to grow % Arabica across unique lands and cultures of the world, so that young baristas can << See the World Through Coffee >> ” - Kenneth Shoji. From the heart of Kyoto, Japan to the heart of Qatar. % Arabica fulfill’s everyone’s taste when it comes to the coffee and food selection. “We only live once, so let’s explore the world we live in, set goals, and enjoy our time together over an amazing cup of coffee.” Opening Hours : Daily: 7:00 – 02:00